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TriStateMotorSports Racer Discount

Jun 10th 2016

Welcome fellow racers!

This discount is something we have been thinking about for quite a while and finally decided to act on it with our online website finally coming along. This discount is avaiable for everybody world wide and it's really simple to get this discount, yet there are some rules you HAVE to follow to recieve this discount.

How does this discount work?

The way this discount works is simple: you sign up for the program, send in pictures of your car (preferred for it to be at the track), timeslips, and what classes you race in; once we have this information we will be able to send you out two decals and get you setup with our Racer Discount. The full list of requirements will be listed below. Once you are setup with the racer discount, you will be added to our private facebook group where you will be able to get access to deals a day before the public, earn "points" every order so you can get even better deals with the more you order; even the point where you can get stuff for free! This discount is for people who are in the process of building a street or track car, who have a street or track car, or those who want to start building one.

What's the full list of requirements?


Car Nickname (optional)

Instagram Name (optional)

Car / Engine

Class(es) you run in



Pictures - Front View, Side Views, Rear View, Engine bay, Interior, Time Slip w/ car in background

If after all that reading you are still interested in this program we are offering, please respond to the email with all the requirements listed above. Due to the amount of requests we've gotten, if you fail to follow the instructions your email will be ignored. Again, this for people who are serious about the sport of racing!

To submit, please email with "Racer Discount Application" as the subject.

Thank you and we are looking forward to offer this program worldwide!