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  • Hybrid Racing -  DC5 Shifter Mounting Plate

    Hybrid Racing - DC5 Shifter Mounting Plate

    K-SWAP / DC5 Shifter The Hybrid Racing solid shifter base allows users to mount a DC5 shifter directly onto the top of the exhaust tunnel in any EF, EG, EK, DA or DC2 chassis. This high-quality shifter base is not only CNC machined out of a solid piece...

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  • K-Tuned - Billet RSX Shifter Base Plate

    The K-Tuned Billet Shifter Base Plate is designed to install an RSX Type-S or comparable shifter box without cutting a hole in the exhaust tunnel of the chassis. This setup is preferred by many racers, esp. road course racers, because it mounts the...

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  • K-Tuned - Billet Shifter Arm

    The K-Tuned Billet Shifter Arm is a direct replacement for the sloppy oem plastic shifter arm. This 100% billet aluminum arm uses an extremely durable delrin pivot ball with much tighter clearances than stock. We have also fitted the arm with a stiffer...

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  • K-Tuned - Billet Shifter Stops

    K-Tuned Billet Shift Stops are now available for our popular Billet RSX Shifter. These stops were designed to prevent over-shifting during race inspired gear changes. Over-shifting is a problem that can cause damage such as stretched or broken shift...

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  • K-Tuned - Race-Spec Elbow Upgrade

    K-Tuned - Race-Spec Elbow Upgrade

    Upgrade your original Billet RSX Shifter (KTD-RSX-SFT) to the stronger Race-Spec Billet RSX Shifter (KTD-RSX-PRO). Taking apart your shifter can be difficult. We offer the upgrade service at no cost to you. You must cover shipping both ways and pay for...

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  • K-Tuned - Shifter Lockout (for Billet RSX Shifter)

    A mis-shift from 1-2-1 or 2-3-2 usually results in a blown motor with a big ugly hole in the block. Using feedback from our family of racers, K-Tuned has developed a shifter system to keep the gears going where they are supposed to be.The K-Tuned 5th...

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  • KS Tuned - Honda Staging Brake Bracket

    This is the same bracket that is included with our Complete Staging Brake Kit, but it's the bracket by itself for those people who already have a CNC hand brake. This bracket works with CNC Series 402 Band Brakes only.  - Aluminum Mounting Bracket...

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