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Oil Pans

  • Blox Racing - Oil Pan Baffle : Honda K-series

    Blox Racing - Oil Pan Baffle : Honda K-series

    BLOX Racing's Oil Pan Baffle is designed to prevent oil from sloshing inside the pan. The unique design creates three chambers within the pan, with the largest surrounding the oil pump pick-up. This ensures that the enough oil volume is present to...

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  • Canton - K-Series Drag Racing Oil Pan

    Canton - K-Series Drag Racing Oil Pan

    Canton's new steel Honda K-Series pan is designed with a 3/16″ steel laser-cut pan rail for superior sealing surface and added strength. Canton's diamond baffle system and increased oil capacity keeps the pickup from being uncovered even under the...

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  • K-Tuned - Steel Oil Pan

    When switching to a steel you can purchase a flywheel cover (Inspection Cover) from Honda, part number 21351-PNA-000. If you have been playing around with the Honda K-Series engine long enough chances are you have seen a broken oil pan or two. Part...

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  • KS Tuned - H2B Oil Pan

    KS Tuned - H2B Oil Pan

    Benefits: Imagine that you're driving your H2b swapped car and you find yourself in a road construction zone. There's dudes in orange suits and reflective signs guiding you over gravel and potholes. Your car is slammed. Now in an H2b swapped car your...

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  • KS Tuned - H2B Oil Pan Baffle Kit

    The KStuned H2b Oil Pan Baffle is designed exclusively for the cast aluminum H2b Oil Pan manufactured by KStuned. The baffle is designed to keep the oil pickup tube submerged in oil during heavy acceleration and cornering when it’s needed most!...

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  • Moroso - B-Series Oil Pan

    Wet Sump, 4 Quart Capacity, 6" Deep Engine Application: Acura VTEC, Non-VTEC and Honda 1.6L B16A3 Sump baffle that fully surrounds oil pump pickup Turbo/Supercharger oil drain back Features a magnetic drain plug and temperature sensor bung...

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