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Forced Induction

  • Boost Resource - Turbo Blanket (T3/T4/T6)

    Boost Resource - Turbo Blanket (T3/T4/T6)

    This turbo blanket is designed to fit popular T3 and T4 turbine housings including large frame or small frame, single scroll or divided (twin) scroll and bolted or v-band inlet/outlet manufactured by Garrett, TiAL, BorgWarner (both AirWerks and EFR...

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  • BoostLogic - 1000X TURBO UPGRADE

    This turbo kit is without exception the best stock manifold turbo system on the market today, practically stock turbo spool up while obtaining power levels over 1100whp and 1000wtq it has propelled cars to mid 8 second passes on the quarter mile. This...

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  • BoostLogic - 1050X TURBO UPGRADE

    BoostLogic - 1050X TURBO UPGRADE

    BLGTR 1050x Turbo Kit Capable of 1200+whp with incredible spool Garrett CHRAs with Billet Compressor Wheels & Tial Actuators Package Includes Custom 3.5” Titanium Inlet Pipes, IC Pipes, Water Lines, and oil lines Recommended to run with Boost...

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  • BoostLogic - 1100X TURBO UPGRADE

    The Boost Logic 1100 Turbo Upgrade utilizing our own Turbocharger kit with Garrett turbos brings unmatched performance and reliability to the VR38’s aftermarket bolt on part selection. This Package has been extensively tested with stock motor and...

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  • BoostLogic - 1300X TURBO UPGRADE

    Improving on Perfection was not easy, Our BL1300x kit combines years of field testing our BL1300 kit we employed many improvements in our design but also using Modern cutting edge Turbo technology with 100% billet design turbos we were able to save...

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  • BoostLogic - 1500X TURBO KIT

    Boost Logics BL1500x kit is the craziest bottom mount configuration we have in production, making over 1550whp. Employing the same technology that pioneered the changes in our BL1300x to satisfy those who want to go 8 flat on the quarter mile and 210 mph...

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  • BoostLogic - 750X TURBO UPGRADE

    BoostLogic - 750X TURBO UPGRADE

    For a bolt-on package that packs a big punch, the Boost Logic 750X turbo upgrade is the best choice hands down. Utilizing a custom exhaust wheel and compressor wheel optimized for the GTR while retaining the stock cores, our Custom Boost Logic turbo kit...

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  • BoostLogic - BL1300 Turbo kit

    The BL1300 Turbo kit is the work horse tried-and-true it never ceases to amaze us and our customers, capable of 1300whp on e85. This kit has propelled our cars to low 8-second et’s and traps in excess of 175mph. Thanks to our In-house designed and...

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