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LS VTEC | B20 VTEC Conversion

Everything you need for your LS VTEC or B20 VTEC conversion.

  • ARP - B20B w/ B16A head Head Stud Kit

    Fastener Style: Stud Undercut Stud: Yes Head Style:12-point Fastener Material: 8740 chromoly Fastener Finish: Black oxide Washers Included: Yes Cut to Fit: No Quantity: Sold as a kit. ARP Pro Series cylinder...

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  • Blox - LS VTEC Conversion Kit

    Blox - LS VTEC Conversion Kit

    BLOX Racing is happy to reintroduce its LS VTEC Conversion Kit that offers Honda engine builders and performance DIYers a cost effective product that allows B18 and B20 engine blocks to be mated to B16A-B18C1-5 DOHC VTEC cylinder heads. This easy to...

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  • Golden Eagle - LS VTEC Kit w/ GE Head Gasket

    We have a Full VTEC Conversion System for people who want to use an LS/VTEC or B20/VTEC set-up.This kit is the easiest and most complete way to supply oil to the head without any machining required and is very clean and reliable.The kit includes:1...

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  • Golden Eagle - VTEC Conversion Dowels (Pair)

    These VTEC Conversion Dowels are perfect for the person that is using an LS/VTECor B20/VTEC. No more need to drill and ream the dowels holes on the head orblock for alignment.- Simply install these VTEC Conversion Dowels for perfect alignment of any...

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