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  • InlinePro - K-Series Race Spec Tensioner

    InlinePro - K-Series Race Spec Tensioner

    The InlinePro K20/K24 Timing Chain Tensioner is now available to everyone after years of use and abuse. Tested by some of the fastest K-Series engines on the planet this is the solution to your faulty timing chain tensioner related issues. big cams,...

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  • K-Tuned - Auto Tensioner

    The auto tensioner is replacement for the OEM unit. It mounts on the water pump and is designed to ensure proper belt tension at all times. Using a 14mm wrench (double wrenching can help with leverage) you can remove tension to install and remove the...

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  • K-Tuned - B-Series Belt Tensioner

    K-Tuned - B-Series Belt Tensioner

    The B-Series Timing Belt Tensioner was the very first part that ETD Racing, now K-Tuned, developed 10 years ago. The product was designed specifically for the Vibrant CRX which ran a successful B-Series engine program. Back then, we were a small race...

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  • K-Tuned - Timing Chain Tensioner

    NOTE: It is recommended to use a new chain with install. You want to avoid reusing an old stretched chain. The K-Tuned Timing Chain Tensioner was designed in conjunction with an oem parts manufacturer and features an upgraded internal spring to...

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  • KS Tuned - H22 Version 2 Timing Tensioner

    No need for a special wrench! 100% CNC Machined Billet Aluminum and Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel stud and nut 6061 Aluminum tensioner body anodized black and engraved Directly bolts on in place of the commonly failed hydraulic tensioner...

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