BoostLogic - 1100X TURBO UPGRADE

BoostLogic - 1100X TURBO UPGRADE

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The Boost Logic 1100 Turbo Upgrade utilizing our own Turbocharger kit with Garrett turbos brings unmatched performance and reliability to the VR38’s aftermarket bolt on part selection. This Package has been extensively tested with stock motor and built motor cars on the drag strip, on the street, and at the Texas Mile. Utilizing two Garrett Dual Ball Bearing GT series turbochargers with optional billet compressor wheel technology, the Boost Logic GTR 1100 turbo kit is optimized for ultimate power and spool.


Our Boost Logic turbo kits are what set apart from the competition. Our in-house hand-fabricated stainless steel manifolds are assembled to perfection, feeding air into a proper merge collector with CNC’d Tial V-band flanges for both the turbocharger and the wastegate. Two Tial MVR wastegates divert excess exhaust pressure and return the gases into the stainless steel downpipes via flex sectioned return tubes. Also included in the kit are custom intercooler pipes to fit your car to your current piping and 3in intakes, which are mirror polished after being hand fabricated and TIG welded.


Our craftsmanship sets us apart from the rest; however, aesthetics are meaningless if the products do not back up “show” with “go”. All of our parts do both of these exceptionally well. For reference, utilizing a completely stock internal motor and a stock transmission, in 2009/2010, the Boost Logic R&D GTR broke multiple records, enjoying much success in all types of racing. Aside from our kit, there were no other bolt-on modifications or any internal modifications performed on the car. On a well-abused stock-internal motor, this package itself made 823whp at 26psi, making it one of the most powerful GTRs in the world at the time. The same GTR also held the quarter mile trap speed record at a blistering 140.3mph on its first outing to the track. At the Texas Mile, the same GTR, still on the same stock internal motor fitted with our 1100 Turbo Package, broke the old GTR standing mile record at an incredible 203.6MPH. Since then, we have built tons of GTRs fitted with 1100 Packages with built motors. They continue to keep together under the gruelling conditions of the speed our customers desire. Many have dipped deep into 8’s in the quarter mile at over 160mph.


Today, by combining our endless experience with forced induction engines, modern engine management systems, and turbo technology, we at Boost Logic have challenged the accepted belief of a 1000+whp car being unsuitable for daily duty. The Boost Logic 1100 package for the GTR is known to be able perform your daily duties just as well as a stock GTR or Nissan Altima while maintaining stock drivability and reliability. The only difference would be the fact that nothing near your locality would be worthy of challenging you on the street or at the drag strip. We don’t believe in the trade off of drivability for peak power and performance. Compliments to our own Boost Logic header and our large intake runner designs, proven with countless hours of testing, and the versatility of the VR38 motor, the 1100 Package for the GTR retains the linear response and broad power curve of a stock GTR. The optimized dual ball-bearing turbochargers make zipping around town in stop-and-go traffic and low speed roll races no task at all. Not only does this turbo kit give you a solid power curve, but a meaty torque curve accompanies it as well, giving you power when you need it, where you need it.


  • Dual Garrett DBB Turbos
  • Tial MVR Wastegates (recirculated)
  • Boost Logic Custom Headers
  • Boost Logic Custom Downpipes
  • Standard High Temp Coating on Headers, Turbine Housings, and Downpipes
  • Boost Logic Intake Tubing (Available without MAFs)
  • Heat Shielded Feed and Return Lines for Oil and Water
  • Black Silicone Couplers and Clamps

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